Third Street in the Bayview Hunters Point is an industrial neighborhood located in the southeastern part of San Francisco that experienced disinvestment when businesses moved out of the area after the end of WWII and the closures of the shipyards. It is historically an African American district that in the past decade has become increasingly diverse, with an increasing percentage of Asian, Latino and Caucasian households. The community is proud of their heritage which is reflected in the commercial corridor with bright murals, painted by local artists, celebrating and commemorating African American culture and neighborhood diversity. Third Street is home to independent-owned restaurants, decorative gardens, and new residents attracted to recent developments located near Paul Avenue.

Third Street was a redevelopment area from 2006 until redevelopment ended statewide in 2011; the former San Francisco Redevelopment Agency made investments to create affordable housing and infrastructure and support the commercial district. The pending 720-acre redevelopment of the Hunters Point Shipyard will create 10,500 units housing and mixed-use development. The T-Third Street line opened in 2007, bringing light rail service to Bayview.

Third Street is served by numerous neighborhood groups and social service organizations that support the arts, safety, community gardens and small business development. In 2006 community partners, City agencies, and Bay Area LISC launched the Third Street Corridor Project to revitalize the commercial district and support local small businesses; that work continues today.

Demographics Third Street (Bayview)
Source: US Census Bureau, 2010 Census of Population and Housing