Central Market/Tenderloin Strategy Downloads

In order to incorporate a growing number of public and private stakeholders with diverse skill sets, resources, and needs the Strategy contains multiple layers and entry points for participation. The Executive Summary provides a high-level overview of the Strategy in order to breakdown the various Strategy components and to help everyone identify how they can join this collective neighborhood effort. Full analysis, explanation of the development process, and description of the specific proposed actions may be found in the complete Strategy document and appendices.

Central Market/Tenderloin Strategy

Strategy Progress Reports

In partnership with Epicenter-SF.org, the City regularly publishes updates on the Strategy’s progress. Click on the links below to read more:


Supplemental information has been included in the appendices. The appendices include more detailed analysis (e.g. Appendix F: Baseline Neighborhood Conditions) and description of the Strategy development process (e.g. Appendix C: Community Engagement and Outreach). They also include materials that will be useful to reference during the implementation of the Strategy (e.g Appendix A: Examples of Inclusive Programming and Appendix G: Neighborhood Public Realm Vision).


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