The Excelsior is an ethnically and economically diverse community situated between Balboa Park and McLaren Park. Residents and business owners are fond of the small town feel in this residential enclave of a bustling city. Excelsior streets such as Persia, Russia and Madrid are uniquely named after international cities and countries, reflecting the neighborhood’s history as a magnet for international immigrants. The twelve-block commercial corridor of Mission Street, south of Interstate 280, is the economic center of the neighborhood.

The Excelsior features strong neighborhood institutions and resident groups dedicated to improving the commercial district, including the Excelsior Action Group. A corridor manager, primarily funded by the City, works full time supporting local merchants and implementing neighborhood improvement projects. Also, Ney Street Neighborhood Watch was recently recognized as an outstanding neighborhood watch group.

The neighborhood has a strong community of nonprofit organizations that offer family services and arts and cultural programming. Recently, over a dozen community-based organizations have united to form the Excelsior Planning Collaborative, which prioritizes community vitality and economic development among its aspirational values.

Demographics - Excelsior
Source: US Census Bureau, 2010 Census of Population and Housing

Currently of 2014, customized services employed in the Excelsior include:

  • Business attraction campaign, led by Excelsior Action Group.
  • Newly formed Excelsior Outer Mission Merchants developing their work plan.
  • SF Planning’s Pavement to Parks program in Persia Triangle.
  • Beautification projects including Ever Upward, Excelsior Library Improvements, and Chronicle Kiosk Relocation.