Lower Polk

The Lower Polk Street corridor, located south of Nob Hill and north of the Civic Center, is a thriving commercial district that serves residents, students, and visitors. The neighborhood – Polk Street between Golden Gate and California – features a diverse array of restaurants, art galleries, health clubs, bars, shops and lounges. The district is well known for its night life; destinations include the Great American Music Hall, Temple Bar, Lush Lounge, and O’Reilly’s Holy Grail.

Lower Polk has active neighborhood groups and a merchant association made up of residents, property owners and businesses advocating for improvements to quality of life and physical conditions. A part time corridor manager, dedicated to providing direct support to merchants and to implement neighborhood improvement projects, is funded by the City. Several social service organizations are located on the corridor and in the surrounding neighborhood, providing an array of support services for at-risk youth, the critically ill and homeless individuals and families.

Lower Polk has a relatively stable vacancy rate, at around 7%. Retail growth over the past several years has been slow relative to the rest of the City; sales tax captured in the district has grown 6% since 2006, compared with 17% growth citywide. The corridor’s growth opportunities include clothing and accessories, general merchandise, home furnishings and other non-store retailers.

Demographics - Lower Polk Street
Source: US Census Bureau, 2010 Census of Population and Housing