Middle Polk

Middle Polk is a thriving commercial district that features a mix of neighborhood serving retail, locally-owned restaurants, cafes, and specialty stores. Polk Street from California to Broadway serves a number of adjacent residential neighborhoods including Russian Hill, Nob Hill, and the Tenderloin. The district is currently undergoing significant development with new condo towers attracting empty-nesters, young couples and families into the area.

Swan Oyster Depot, one of Middle Polk's top destinations

Swan Oyster Depot, one of Middle Polk’s top destinations

Middle Polk boasts a number of active neighborhood groups. Its resident association – the Middle Polk Neighborhood Association (MPNA) – meets monthly and hosts regular activities, including a monthly clean-up. The Polk District Merchants Association also represents the area. In Spring 2013 two groups – Save Polk Street and Folks for Polk – formed to conduct advocacy related to the Municipal Transportation Agency’s Polk Street Improvement Project.

Middle Polk is a hub for home goods, coffee shops, bars and restaurants. The retail vacancy rate is stable and consistently below 10%. From 2006 to 2012 sales tax captured in the district grew by 19%, compared with 17% growth Citywide over the same period. The corridor features a high number of drinking and food establishments, with opportunities for growth in general merchandise, specialty foods and clothing and apparel.

In autumn 2013, Invest in Neighborhoods partnered with MPNA to conduct a survey of neighborhood shoppers and stakeholders. Review the summary of findings.

Demographics - Middle Polk Street
Source: US Census Bureau, 2010 Census of Population and Housing

As of Spring 2014, customized services planned for deployment in Middle Polk include:

  • The Polk Street Improvement Project will transform the streetscape to improve safety for all users.
  • DPW will maintain the corridors program and deploy some targeted cleaning services.
  • Urban Solutions is conducting property owner outreach and targeted business attraction to fill vacancies with businesses that are desired by community members.
  • MPNA has received an Invest in Neighborhoods project grant to install banners in the neighborhood.