Noe Valley

Noe Valley, located in central San Francisco, was historically a working-class neighborhood and has since undergone successive waves of demographic change. Today, the neighborhood is home to many urban professionals and young families. The area is primarily served by the 24th Street commercial corridor from Douglass to Dolores, and Castro Street from 24th to 25th Streets. The district is a destination for shoppers and is served by public transportation lines including the J Church and the 24, 35, and 48 Muni buses.

Most of the commercial district lies within the boundaries of the Noe Valley Association (NVA). NVA was established in August 2005 as a Community Benefit District with an annual assessment from 208 properties within the district. The Noe Valley Merchants Association is also active; the two entities work together to sponsor events—such as the ever growing, annual Harvest Festival—and implement neighborhood improvements and beautification activities.

Noe Valley is a destination for shoppers, well known for its restaurants, boutiques, home goods retailers, pet supply stores, fitness studios, and cafes. Sales tax captured in the district has grown 15% since 2006, compared with 17% growth Citywide.

Demographics - Noe Valley
Source: US Census Bureau, 2010 Census of Population and Housing