Bordered by Silver Avenue, McLaren Park, and the 101 Highway, the Portola District is a family-oriented, multi-cultural neighborhood. Comprised mainly of single-family homes, the Portola’s residents represent a variety of ages, incomes, and cultural backgrounds, including new residents and others who have lived in the neighborhood for over 80 years. San Bruno Avenue is the thriving commercial main street of the Portola District. The street is a mix of neighborhood-serving retail, locally-owned restaurants, green grocers, and specialty food stores which have served the community for generations. It also features a high concentration of vibrant, neighborhood-serving businesses owned by Chinese Americans.

In the last few years, San Bruno Avenue has undergone significant physical improvements including the undergrounding of utility lines, the placement of new street lights, tree plantings, mural installations, and numerous storefront improvement projects.

The Portola Neighborhood Association, comprised of local merchants, property owners, and residents, is committed to improving the commercial corridor and the neighborhood. Other nonprofit organizations in the area provide support services and activities targeting local youth, seniors and immigrants.

Sales tax captured in the district has grown by 3% since 2006, compared with 17% growth Citywide. The corridor’s growth opportunities include apparel, shoe stores, and full service food establishments.

Demographics - Portola
Source: US Census Bureau, 2010 Census of Population and Housing