Opportunity Site Analysis

Some large underutilized pieces of property in neighborhoods can be developed, re-designed or more intensively used to improve the neighborhood and provide community amenities. The Planning Department can provide technical and design skills to assess the feasibility and viability of different uses on such sites, as well as create design guidelines that reflect community objectives and generate interest in the future of the site. A few examples from recent plans include design and public space guidelines for development of the former-freeway parcels in the Market and Octavia Neighborhood and for the Phelan Loop site on Ocean Avenue.

In 2014 the Planning Department is conducting opportunity site analysis in the Sunset commercial districts (Noriega, Irving and Taraval), Mission Street between Cesar Chavez and Randall, and the Portola. To learn more about this work contact the appropriate City Hall Liaison or Meneka Mohan at the Planning Department at meneka.mohan@sfgov.org.