So many different City departments and partner agencies deploy services to strengthen small businesses and commercial districts. Through Invest in Neighborhoods, the City is cataloging those services and ensuring that they’re deployed in the neighborhoods that need them most.

Baseline Services are programs being deployed in each of the commercial districts where Invest in Neighborhoods is piloted.

Customized Services are services that are deployed to meet the specific needs of a commercial district, as identified by merchants, residents and other community stakeholders.

You can also view these ‘toolkits’ developed by City departments to share information about their neighborhoods services:

Bookstores SF Program

In 2016, Mayor Ed Lee set aside funding for a program aimed at assisting San Francisco bookstores with retaining their spaces and strengthening their businesses. This program consists of providing bookstores with pro bono real estate, financial, sales and marketing, and legal services with the goal of creating more resilient bookstores and keeping cultural and neighborhood cornerstones in their respective communities. Grants may be available to help participating businesses achieve recommendations made through consulting partners.

Services will be made available by Working Solutions in partnership with the San Francisco Small Business Development Center. This survey will determine your business’s eligibility for these services, as well as grant funding that may be available to you. Eligible businesses will be asked to complete a more in-depth assessment of their businesses to determine an action plan moving forward.

Eligible businesses will need to confirm that they:

  • Are a retail bookstore along a San Francisco commercial corridor
  • Willing to set aside 2-4 hours a month to meet with the marketing, finance, and/or merchandising consultants, for a period of 3-6 months to work on stabilizing business operations, ensuring proper financial management practices, and increasing sales
  • Supported by my family and employees while I participate in the Bookstores SF program
  • Willing to participate in a more detailed assessment of my business operations in order to create recommendations that make my business more resilient
  • Agree to implement an action plan, which will outline achievable goals and the steps that will be taken in order to accomplish those goals. I understand the action plan will be informed by the assessment, that it will be developed with the assistance of a consultant, and that the funds allocated for each client project will be utilized to help implement the action plan
  • I am willing to create positive change in the business by: investing extra time into improving the business; investing sweat equity into making physical improvements in the business; investing and matching a small amount of money into recommendations identified by the program advisors
  • I am willing to document and report economic impact achieved as a result of the program; such as, but not limited to, jobs created, jobs retained, increased sales, and access to capital

To request a survey and for any questions, please contact Program Manager John Rodriguez at (415) 780-1215 or Completed surveys will also be submitted to